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Int. Lage & Revol. Optimismus
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• Int. Lage & Revol. Optimismus Ein bemerkenswertes Editorial auf Kassioun (Partei des Volkswillens Syrien) vom 26. März über die internationale Lage und den revolutionären Optimismus! Ja, ja - so kann man das durchaus "draußen" und jenseits des Sofas sehen! Und unrealistisch ist das keineswegs!

Kassioun Editorial 1115: Are We Optimistic?

“No change has taken place in 100 years, and it is happening now; we are leading this change together”. That is what the Chinese president said in front of the cameras to the Russian president at the end of his first international visit, days after being re-elected as a president for China for a third term.

It not strange that this statement, and later Putin’s agreement thereto, has become the most discussed statement in all media outlets worldwide. Besides the fact that this type of statement is prepared ahead of time, the content is relevant to every part of the world, and even every human being.

Referencing 100 years ago means pointing out the major transformation that took place in the 20th century, with the victory of the October Revolution in 1917 and then the USSR’s victory in WWII in 1945. This has opened the door to many countries around the world for liberation from the colonization, and towards moving forward on every level. This includes China itself, which relied largely in its initial ascent the assistance provided by the USSR, mainly technology and aid, including nuclear technology.

The ongoing global change, in one of its aspects, is indeed an expression of a transformation that has not occurred in 100 years. However, in other aspects, including the geopolitical one, it is an expression of a transformation that has not occurred in at least 250 to 500 years. By this we mean a set of geopolitical transformations, perhaps the most important of which are those of the international trade roads and the transformation in the positioning of global production centers.

Merely trying to enumerate the arenas and sectors in which the West is being dealt blows, has become too difficult, where identifying these blows requires a continuous update on a daily basis. Nevertheless, there is no problem in quickly pointing out a few, including: the Chinese-sponsored Saudi-Iranian agreement; the critical situation of the Zionist entity, which is continuously becoming more critical and deeper in an unprecedented manner; the direct targeting of the American military presence in Syria and in the region, in addition to the continuous political targeting; the American and European socioeconomic and political crisis, which is still in its beginnings and will lead to a crisis at a level that is unmeasurably larger and deeper than that of 2008.

Syrians in general were optimistic with the steps of the Syrian-Turkish settlement; then were somewhat discouraged with the clear new attempts to obstruct it. This is only one example of many examples of fluctuations in the moods between optimism and pessimism based on daily facts.

Having a deep understanding of this mood fluctuation between optimism and pessimism, and the difference between this and revolutionary optimism, is of the utmost importance to those who are really fighting for a new world, and for those fighting in Syria to pull it out of its catastrophe, revive it, and rebuild it.

What really should be looked at is the general direction along which things are going, and this direction confirms the veracity of everything we had preemptively said over 20 years about the international situation and the directions of its development.

A revolutionary cannot be revolutionary without being optimistic. However, revolutionary optimism is not of the “small bourgeois” type, which deals with historical events like a spoiled child that cannot withstand difficulties and losses, and wants a soft struggle that leads to continuous ascent without any partial retreats, as if the issue is a lottery tickets, where you either win, or you lose and throw away the ticket and look for another.

Revolutionary optimism takes into consideration that major transformations that take place do not only get rid of the prevailing classes and its authorities and culture, but also entirely get rid of the previous way of living, in the context of building the new way of living. They especially get rid of the idle and lazy comfort of the middle classes, especially the “intellectuals”. Therefore, it is not surprising to see those among the biggest deniers of reality and the ones who ignore its facts the most, merely because that is one tool of the denial tools with which they defend the crash and collapse of their former lives.

Revolutionary optimism means a scientific clear vision of the general direction of events. It also means, along the entire way, a relentless continuous daily fight, in all forms and with all the tools, to speed up the required transformation and reduce the people’s agony during the transformation. The imminent transformation, within the foreseeable horizon, at the international and regional levels, and at the Syrian level, is towards a comprehensive radical change of the existing system, starting with implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 in its entirety, and pursuant to a cooperation between the Astana track and China, and possibly the main Arab countries.

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Int. Lage & Revol. Optimismus
Posted Nov 19, 2023

Kassioun Editorial 1149: Their Defeat is Inevitable!

In the mid-1990s, many were crying over the ruins of the Soviet Union and submitting to the proclamations of the end of history and the final victory of the West and capitalism. Meanwhile, we said that this particular collapse would pave the way towards a complete exposure of the global capitalist crisis, which would lead towards a rapid decline of the Western system leading to its collapse. This is what happened and is happening, though we were accused of insanity at the time.

At the beginning of this century, we said that the historical horizon that temporarily closed before the peoples had reopened widely, and that the masses would return to the streets after being disconnected from political activity for decades. This is what happened, is happening, and will continue until they achieve the required changes at the local, regional, and international levels.

In 2005, we said in our documents that both of Russia and China are rising, and will rise further and break American unipolarity, and they would be forced to turn against capitalism internally within the framework of the existential battle with the imperialist center. Amid globally comprehensive American bullying, from Afghanistan to Iraq and elsewhere, this discourse was nearly heresy for many. However, reality has proven that what we said is true and its validity has become tangible to everyone.

With the eruption of the Syrian crisis in 2011, we said the way out is dialogues and a political solution, and that there will be neither a military defeat nor a toppling of the regime. We also said that any delay means additional losses for Syria, Syrians, and the sides that dream of a crushing and overwhelming victory. Only a few shared this opinion at the time, but reality has proven its accuracy; even enemies of the political solution can no longer publicly say they are against it. The same thing happened with regard to our position on UNSC Resolution 2254, which we supported from the beginning and which all extremist sides opposed, and now they are forced to acknowledge it, and it has even begun to turn into a tangible slogan even at the popular level.

Several years ago, we said that the Syrian solution will be through Astana and its cooperation with China and the key Arab states, that the West does not want a solution, and that we will not reach a solution except by excluding the West from the solution. This is proven true day after day.

These and other “predictions” are not prophecies, rather, they are a scientific reading of facts at the international, regional, and local levels, with the various vessels, at the heart of which is the socioeconomic vessel.

Today, we say that defeating the Americans and the “Israelis” is inevitable, and with them all their allies whether they are west, east, north, or south.

What has happened and is happening in occupied Palestine, is on the one hand one of the expressions of accumulated changes at the international and regional levels, and at the qualitative level specific to the development of the abilities, skills, and competencies of the Palestinian resistance. On the other hand, and at the same time, it is a turning point that dramatically accelerates the change of power balance process at the international level, and the process of dismantling the regional system that had “stabilized” based on the previous international balances.

The madness that prevails in the American/Zionist mind, which drives it towards extreme criminality, while it is clear that none of the declared goals can be achieved, means one thing: The mentality of the losing gambler now governs American-Zionist behavior. In its attempt to evade paying the price of the loss and acknowledging it, and because of its fear of this loss and the chain of repercussions that will result therefrom, the American is extending the round. In order to extend it, it must raise the bet, and in that process, tries to allude its opponents that it is hiding strong cards. However, in reality, its cards are losing and its opponent is not afraid. Subsequently, it is forced to raise its bet even more, possibly to the point of burning everything at its disposal and betting everything. The only remaining bet is trying to ignite the entire region, not with a war with the Zionist entity, but with internal wars that turn the region into a burning fireball that the American hopes will roll in all directions, except in its or the Zionist entity’s direction. However, this same equation – or desire – is foolish with no guarantees of its fulfillment, as spreading the front is always possible, in different forms and many ways.

In conclusion, despite all their attempts, and despite all the media games that seek to turn the Palestinian victory into a mourning and a condolence gathering, the defeat of the Americans and the Zionists is inevitable, and with their defeat, comprehensive change in the entire regional systems is also inevitable.

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Int. Lage & Revol. Optimismus
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