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Syrien: Aktuelle politische Situation + ihre Hintergründe Ich spiegele mal die letzten 3 Kassioun-Leitartikel:

Posted Nov 20, 2022

Kassioun Editorial 1097: “Day of Solution”!

The Turkish Defense Ministry’s declaration of the raids it carried out on Saturday night on areas in northern Syria and northern Iraq was accompanied with the phrase: “day of reckoning”, implicitly indicating that these raids are revenge for the terrorist bombing in Istanbul last Sunday. The raids resulted in casualties in each of Iraq and Syria, including civilians, SDF fighters, and Syrian army soldiers.

Among the clear conclusions about this new aggression, with regards to Syria and the region in general, are the following:

First: The bloodshed in Syria and the region will not stop without reaching a comprehensive political solution on the basis of UNSC Resolution 2254.

Second: The ceasefire in Syria for nearly three years now is a fragile one and can explode to some degree at any moment, as long as the political solution has not been fully achieved. The longer the solution is delayed, the more fragile the ceasefire will be and the more likely it will be breached.

Third: Syrian sovereignty will remain violated and subject to blows from whoever sees an interest in serving it a blow, as long as the crisis continues, and as long as the extremists who have no interest in a solution invest politically in every new aggression, not to respond to the aggression, but to use it against the political solution.

Fourth: The new Turkish aggression, and before it the Istanbul bombing, have the same political objective, something that is revealed by the timing. This objective is working against Astana and its next meeting, which is supposed to push with an additional step towards settling Syrian-Turkish relations. This means that the extremists on both sides of the border, who ultimately work against the Astana track and in line with American goals, still insist on prolonging the quagmire policy in Syria, and against the interests of both the Syrian and Turkish peoples.

Fifth: In the same context, the extremists’ obstruction of intra-Syrian understanding will remain a tool in promoting sabotage, deepening the crisis, and creating pretexts for external interventions. This requires defending the sovereignty of Syrians through primarily understanding among them, and through a political solution that preserves the rights of all and takes Syria towards a new model based on an advanced formula for the relationship between centralization and decentralization, and far from formulas that are provocative and pose a danger to the unity of Syria (whether formulas bearing the title of federalism or those that insist on extreme absolute centralization).

Both the Istanbul bombing and the recent Turkish raids are, in essence, no different from the downing of the Sukhoi 24 in 2015 or the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey in 2016. All of these ultimately aim to prolong American presence in Syria, prolong the life of the quagmire, and block the path to radical comprehensive change through UNSC Resolution 2254, which is in the interest of Syrians and the peoples of the region in general. The most important response to these sabotage operations is to insist that what it is really the “day for” is the solution, and what is over is sabotage and escalation.

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Posted Nov 27, 2022

Kassioun Editorial 1098: Preventing Aggression is Syrians’ Responsibility

The new catastrophes that befall Syrians wherever they are, including the possibility of a new Turkish ground aggression these days, prove that every additional day of delay in implementing a comprehensive political solution through the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 is an additional deepening of the crisis and the humanitarian and national catastrophe, and that the de facto division and with it the ceasefire are a fragile reality that could fall apart and explode at the slightest friction. Not to mention that any of the Syrian regions today, in the absence of a comprehensive political solution and the absence of comprehensive national sovereignty based on consensus and unity of the people and their interests, is the subject of polarization and confliction of international and regional interests, which makes matters more difficult, dangerous, and complicated. All this means that the most urgent priority in the comprehensive national sense was, and still is, represented in moving quickly towards a comprehensive political solution through the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254.

Regarding the old-new issue of the possibility of a new Turkish ground aggression on areas in norther and northeaster Syria, the Turkish authorities continue to exaggerate portraying the threat of SDF/SDC against them, for complex objectives that include internal and external ones. Undoubtedly, in this context, the Astana track is required to work as much as it can to prevent the possibility of aggression, and to push for the full implementation of the Sochi agreements, not only in the northeast, but also in the northwest. Of course, any sane person can only expect the Americans to ignite the fire and fuel it as much as they can. This was evident in their ambiguous and contradictory statements issued by the White House and the Pentagon, one of which supported a Turkish military operation, and the other opposed it.

Nevertheless, the primary responsibility in preventing the Turkish aggression rests primarily with the Syrian forces, before any foreign force. Confronting this responsibility will be by blocking Turkish pretexts, and through consensus among the Syrian forces.

This consensus requires not only continuing the dialogue between Damascus and SDF, but also requires cessation of illogically raising the ceiling of mutual demands. Among the most important entry points for reaching actual consensus are the following:

First: The borders should be handed over to the Syrian army; this would hinder Turkey’s ability to breach them. This would be achieved through consensus that the Astana track helps in guaranteeing.

Second: The issue of agreeing on how to administer regions in the northeast should be postponed to a later stage, not only because the two negotiating sides do not alone have the full right to decide how to administer these regions, but also because the matter of what this administration looks like should be the product of a general Syrian consensus in which all Syrian forces participate.

Third: What has obstructed and is still obstructing consensus, in addition to the high demand ceilings, is that the dialogue is not fully inclusive, as it is a dialogue between two Syrian sides that do not include other relevant sides concerned with determining their destiny and the destiny of Syria, including the required developed formula for the relationship between centralization and decentralization.

Fourth: Due to the high complexity and entanglement in the relevant area, the search should focus on creative solutions that ensure the separation of all the feuding forces from each other in a way that guarantees there is no direct friction among them and in a way that guarantees Syrian national sovereignty. This is something that can be reached if there is a patriotic will therefor.

These partial mechanisms can prevent the expected aggression only if they are carried out quickly, and only if they are part of a complete system of solutions, all of which contribute together to the comprehensive and full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254.

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Posted Dec 04, 2022

Kassioun Editorial 1099: What Do Syrians Want?

Syrians want an immediate and urgent solution; they want an end to the catastrophe and the trail of pains they are treading. It is no longer important for them to even think about why things have gotten to the way they have. All they think about is how to get to salvation.

Syrians want an immediate and urgent solution, and the solution should start promptly, because every additional delay in starting it means increasing and reinforcing the possibilities of existential danger to all of Syria, land and people.

Whenever it appears that Syria’s and the Syrians’ situation has reached rock bottom in its collapse, realities show that the abyss into which the country is descending has no bottom, and its darkness could acceleratingly increase day after day.

Security and military tensions are reemerging in many points on the Syrian map, including the new tensions in Suwayda governorate and the possibility of a new Turkish aggression, which threatens to break the ceasefire that has lasted for nearly three years now.

Likewise, the factors for paralysis and collapse, which have been around for years, have intensified in recent weeks all at once, and in a comprehensive manner. The exchange rate continues to tumble, darkness from lack of electricity hovers in Syrians’ homes and hearts, and the daily oppression has multiplied in pursuing transportation that is nearly completely stopped.

Even state institutions “temporarily” stopped working under the pressure of the ongoing and deepening fuel crisis. Food prices, which were already soaring, continue to soar, and hunger is devouring people’s flesh, while the cold, in the absence of any heating means, is gnawing at their bones. Schools are likely to stop working – partially or completely; health facilities are in a dilapidated state and are likely to decline further, whether in terms of the availability of qualified staff or in terms of the availability of the necessary materials for treatment, including medicines, or in terms of the availability of the electricity needed to operate them.

The “higher people” of influential and corrupt people, extremists, and warlords, and with them the media promoting their discourse and their interests, all of those are in their high ivory towers, where the people’s whimpers do not reach them; and if they reach them, they exploit them in the most humiliating ways for the people and their dignity. They prove on a daily basis that they are not only incapable of providing any solutions, but they do not see that they are concerned with that to begin with.

The only way out of the existing situation is not linked to the arrival of a ship carrying petroleum or a new batch of aid from this or that country; saying things like that is a miserable attempt to evade responsibility. Everyone knows that the black hole of plundering and corruption in Syria can swallow billions of dollars without choking on them, and without any of it reaching Syrians who really need it.

The only way out to achieve salvation is a radical and comprehensive change in the socioeconomic structure that itself was the cause of the crisis, and today it is the cause of its aggravation and deepening. It is the same structure that wheeled in the Western liberal Trojan horse into the country, and it is the one that has amassed the fuel of oppression over the decades, so that a match from abroad is enough to ignite the country and its people. This structure is the same one that is benefiting today from Western sanctions and blockade, while those sanctions are killing ordinary Syrians.

The only way out is a radical change of this socioeconomic structure that is biased in favor of the profiteers and against the overwhelming majority of Syrians. The entry to this change lies in the political solution according to UNSC Resolution 2254, to which there is no alternative:

To secure the patriotic political will needed to completely break with all the policies that are biased against all Syrians and in the interest of the plundering few, and implicitly to break with the state of economic dependence on the West and particularly the dollar.

To secure the patriotic political will needed to reach understandings with Turkey with the help of both Russia and Iran, not only to end the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, but also to turn the Syrian-Turkish borders into an outlet to break Western sanctions and blockade, open the doors for Syria towards the emerging economies of Russia, China, and India, and consequently provide real solutions to the fuel, electricity, and other crises.

To secure the patriotic political will needed to make mutual concessions among the Syrian political forces and in the interest of the Syrian people, by acknowledging the inability of any side alone to end the catastrophe, and immediately start direct negotiations between two qualified delegations, to reach an understanding on the mechanism of implementing UNSC Resolution 2254, starting with the formation of the transitional governing body, then the constitution, and then elections.

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Syrien: Aktuelle politische Situation + ihre Hintergründe
Posted Dec 11, 2022

Kassioun Editorial 1100: Why Do We Need a Syrian-Turkish Settlement?

Despite a lot of political and media talk about it, the actual progress of a Syrian-Turkish settlement is still pending and stuck, at least in how things appear. Westerners (who have expressly indicated their opposition thereto) and extremists in both the regime and the opposition alike, intersect in working against such a possibility.

Reaching as soon as possible a Syrian-Turkish settlement, on the basis of the unity of Syrian territory and sovereignty, is an utmost necessity from the point of view of the Syrian people’s and Syria’s interest, for many reasons, including:

First: Merkel’s recent statements about the fraudulent and opportunistic way in which Europe and the US dealt with the Minsk Agreements on Ukraine expose the Western approach with regard to Syria as well, and implicitly UNSC Resolution 2254. That is, there being no Western interest in reaching a real solution and stability in Syria, which makes the required weight from Astana, along with China and key Arab countries, not only crucial, but also exclusive for a real push towards ending the Syrian crisis. A Syrian-Turkish settlement is a necessary step to achieve that.

Second: Ending the effects of the Western blockade and sanctions is not in any way possible without turning the Syrian-Turkish border into the main gate to breaking the blockade and sanctions. Through this door, it is possible to solve energy, electricity, and international trade issues in general, based on creating a safe space that connects us with emerging countries and their economies away from Western extortion through the seas.

Third: It is not likely to end the possibility that the ceasefire implodes in northeast and northwest Syria, without reaching a settlement with Turkey. It is also not possible to end the illegal Turkish military presence without a settlement and agreement, because the other means is war, which is neither possible nor logical, that even those who are working against the settlement, do not propose it as a tool to expel the Turkish military. Of course, they also do not propose other alternatives.

Fourth: Achieving a Syrian-Turkish settlement, means reducing especially the US’s ability not only to continue being illegally militarily present in Syria, but also reducing its ability to have a sabotaging political effect through manipulation in the northeast and northwest files.

Fifth: More than half of the Syrian refugee crisis is concentrated in Turkey, and without resolving this crisis, there can be no talk about going back to life in Syria or any reconstruction. Achieving a settlement with Turkey would speed up resolving and facilitating this issue.

Sixth: In the economic framework, Turkey has plundered our water over past years, by taking advantage of our miserable situation; any settlement with Turkey would be a gate to restore our water rights, which constitute one of the necessary entry points to resuscitating Syria.

Some may say that any settlement between two sides requires mutual common needs and that Syria’s cards are very weak, and that any settlement would be at Syria’s expense. This cannot be further from reality with regard the issue at hand. Turkey needs the settlement just as much as we do, and not because SDF/SDC threatens its national security, since this is mostly political propaganda, and also not because of the Turkish elections, as this is not significant enough to explain the reality of the matter.

Turkey needs the settlement because its national security is indeed under threat, as is the national security of all the region’s countries and peoples. However, what is threatening the national security of Turkey (and others) is the US, through the continuous attempts to set off things inside Turkey and around it, and through the long-term attrition that the US needs in the entire region within the framework of the ongoing international conflict.

Our cards are not at all weak in going towards a settlement of this kind, which cannot be completed unless it is accompanied with and is pushing a comprehensive political solution based on the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254. Additionally, our cards are not at weak, because a settlement like this, with conditions that are fair to both sides, is an actual point of intersection between the interests of the Syrian people and the Turkish people, as well as a point of intersection of the interests of regional and international powers that are under American and “Israeli” threat.

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