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    Gerhard Polt
    Intensifying the Pressure
    PRC is becoming Germanys most important non-European trade partner
    BERLIN/BEIJING (2011/03/16) - The People's Republic of China is in the process of bypassing the United States of America to become Germany's most important non-European trade partner and is catching up to Germany's European trade partners, according to new statistics published by the German Asia-Pacific Business Association. Simultaneously China is continuing to increase its foreign investments, seeking to invest more heavily in European countries, particularly in Germany, therefore read more
    18.03.2011 • By German Foreign Policy register0
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    W. J. Tatlin • Monument für die III. Internationale • 1919
    Imperialismus der Hauptfeind XML
    Federal Republic of China
    Berlin is cheering the fact that Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Liu Xiaobo

    BERLIN/BEIJING (2010/10/11) - Berlin is unanimously cheering the fact that this year's Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Liu Xiaobo. Already in the past, Chancellor Merkel has taken initiatives in favor of this Chinese "dissident" demanding his release from prison and will continue to do so, declared a spokesperson for the German government. read more
    11.10.2010 • By German Foreign Policy
    our man in Beijing
    [ III ] Germany versus China
    Anti-chinese baiting - a question of fashion?
    "fuck you, China" and the case "Philipp Plein"
    +Debatte FORUM |Imperialismus NEW 16.08.2017, 19:00: Deutschland – Wieder eine Großmacht? Neuer Termin am 16.08.2017 um 19:00 Uhr:16.08.2017, 19:00: Deutschland – Wieder eine Großmacht?"im G mehr Stephan 12.08.2017
    10.5.2018: X. Konferenz Der Hauptfeind steht im eigenen Land Neuer Termin am 10.05.2018:10.05.2018: X. Konferenz Der Hauptfeind steht im eigenen Land"Die X. Konf mehr Org Hauptfeindkonfer.. 09.07.2017
    Deutsch-Amerikanische Beziehungen... Donald Trump scheint nicht mal mehr Interesse daran zu haben einen Botschafter für Berlin zu ernenne mehr RevLeft 26.06.2017
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    Internationales Asien Europa Afrika Amerika XML
    The Future of "East-Turkestan"
    Xinjiang-riots: german diplomatic affronds against Beijing

    BEIJING/URUMQI/MUNICH (2009/07/07) - Berlin is using the riots in the Xinjiang region in western China to launch strong attacks against Beijing. Claudia Roth, Chairperson of the German Green Party, is demanding that the People's Republic initiate "speedy and unconditional investigations" into the bloody conflicts. Influential media in Germany read more
    07.07.2009 • By German Foreign Policy
    Dalai Lama calls Qinghai-Tibet railway "cultural genocide"
    Chinese scholars accuse Dalai Lama of "sowing seeds of violence"
    Stop the ban!
    No to prohibition - be solidly behind Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic!
    +Debatte FORUM |Internationales NEW Repression gegen Kommunisten in Russland Erklärung der SDAJ u. a.: Kommunistische Jugendverbände protestieren gegen Repression in Russland Au mehr tolpatchow 15.08.2017
    NEW USA: Faschistische Eskalation in Charlottsville (Virginia) Hier eine zufällige Auswahl zu den Ereignissen in Charlottsville (Virginia) am WE:RedGlobe (12. Augu mehr FPeregrin 14.08.2017
    NEW Trump droht Venezuela mit Militäreinsatz Neuer Thread, weil Militärintervention was anderes ist als Bürgerkrieg :Trump droht Venezuela mit Mi mehr MrLeft 13.08.2017
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    I. Who we areFor ongoing four years, we use and edit the platform The Progress of global interconnection, of real-time communication, of linking the various sections of collective political activity allow closer, deeper and less barred cooperation unthinkable still only few years ago. In line with the continuous, partly also read more
    01.10.2006 • By AG Internationalismus
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